The Wholesale Boot Company 2013 (WBC) is a busy eatery situated in an art deco era boot factory on Victoria Street. Diners are seated in the sun-drenched dining room, decorated with a stunning plywood bar. The room’s enormous antique windows afford diners a vista down onto Wellington’s boutique retail district. The space is a classic bistro and oyster bar with an open kitchen so diners can enjoy the energy and bustle of the kitchen, while they receive attentive and friendly service in one of Wellington’s favourite and awarded local dining spaces. WBC food is fragrant, flavoursome and fresh. The menu focuses on seasonal and local ingredients, especially seafood, and delves into classical world cuisines. The fresh seafood bar features Wellington’s largest range of local oysters and shell-fish, there are small plates to snack on, traditional a la carte dishes, and ‘boots n all’ plates to share with your dining companions. The menu is small and succinct, but augmented by huge blackboards that change daily. The accompanying drinks list features classic cocktails, local and international craft beers, traditional, natural and organic wines by the glass.

Tuesday - Saturday 11:30am - 10:00pm
1st Floor, 107 Victoria Street, Wellington
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